Friday, May 26, 2006

Amo los Estados Unidos!

Yeah... me too, amigo.
The Senate passed their version of the Immigration Bill yesterday. If you've read my site before, you know my position on the illegals. GTFO! (translation: Get The Fark Out!) If you're here illegally, you don't belong; you haven't earned your citizenship; you haven't earned your welfare benefits (like a free American education and health care). YOU DON'T HAVE ANY RIGHT TO BE HERE. Get the picture, friend?

The House passed a similar bill back in December. I understand the desire of Congress to change immigration laws, but there I have issues with these bills. Some points I agree with... others, I don't.

The House bill authorizes the establishment of a 700-mile long fence along the US/Mexico border. The Senate version includes a fence about half that length, 370 miles, plus endorses the President's idea of sending National Guard units to protect the border. Mexico's President, Vincente Fox, opposes the fence idea- all the more reason to build it, I say. I like the idea of a fence, and I support the National Guard patrolling the border.

The Senate bill also denies citizenship to any immigrant convicted of either a felony or three misdemeanors, and fines employers who hire illegals. I fully support this. If you're a criminal, I REALLY want you outta here. I don't want to pay for your time in prison, and I don't want our country exposed to your illegal entrance OR your illegal acts while here.

The illegals claim to come here for three main reasons: education, medical care, and jobs. If we start fining, and jailing, employers who hire illegals, they won't be as eager to hire the cheap labor. If there is no work here for illegals, they won't be any better off here than they are in their own country, so why risk the illegal entry? Both versions contain provisions for fining employers, with the penalty ranging from $500 to $50,000, and the Senate version also includes possible jail time. I REALLY like this idea. Right now there is no deterrent against hiring illegals.

Guest workers

The Senate bill includes a guest-worker program which would allow workers up to a 6 year temporary work visa. Honestly, I'm not sure how this compares to our current system. I know we allow work visas, but I'm not sure what the provisions are. The House version doesn't contain any new provisions for guest workers.

The Senate bill breaks up the estimated 12 million illegal workers into three groups, based upon how long you've been here. Under 2 years: let me escort you to the border, jefe. 2-5 years: return to your point of entry and apply for the guest worker program. 5 or more years: Welcome to America! You can "earn" your citizenship after being here for 6 years, as long as you learn English and pay back taxes and penalties.

I don't know about you, but this SUCKS ASS to me. How in the HELL are they going to prove they were here for a certain amount of time, if it's illegal for them to be here in the first place? Chances are they've been getting paid cash under the table, so they have no tax forms to prove "residency". I doubt many of them can produce utility bills either- I know that once I look at a bill, verify its accuracy and pay it, I get rid of it.

How many illegals will voluntarily go to the immigration office and say "I'm from Mexico, and I've been in the United States for less than two years- when does the next bus leave?" Yeah. RIGHT.

Here's my idea: I don't give a flyin' flip how long you've been here- you committed a crime as soon as you crossed the border. If you want to be here legally, APPLY FOR A WORK VISA, LEARN THE LANGUAGE, AND PAY YOUR BACK TAXES, WITH PENALTIES! Let them ALL go back to their point of entry, apply for a visa, and prove they can hablo ingles before granting any sort of temporary work visa. Then, if you want citizenship, EARN IT, SUCKER! Take the classes, take the test. If you pass, WELCOME TO AMERICA! If you don't, try again- or else GTFO and don't let the door hit you on the ass as you leave.


The Senate bill declares English the national common and unifying language of the United States. I 100% whole-heartedly support this. If I moved to Germany, I would expect to have to learn German. If I moved to (heaven forbid) France, I would expect to have to learn French. Why in the world people come here expecting to spoken to in their native language is beyond me. I am sick and tired of going to American businesses, American hospitals, and American schools- and being given the "option" of being helped by a spanish-speaking employee. That is SUCH bullshit.


Most of the points I agree with, but I disagree strongly with quite a few of the major points. Two HUGE issues weren't addressed at all- education and medical care. These two issues are a major drain on our nation's resources. Tax dollars of legal citizens are going to pay for education and medical care for people who shouldn't be here. That is just INSANE. In order to register your child for school, or to get any medical care, you should be able to prove your legal residence first. I don't care if you're here on a temporary visa or not- as long as you are here legally- fine- take advantage of all the United States has to offer. But if you are here illegally- we, the rest of law abiding residents, shouldn't have to pay a dime for your welfare. Not addressing education or health care is a HUGE gap in both plans.

Look, the bottom line for me is that if you want to become an American, BE AN AMERICAN. Learn the language. Get a job and pay your taxes. Get your piece of the American Apple Pie and play baseball- I really don't care. Just do it legally, as most of our ancestors have done throughout the past 200 years. And if you can't follow those rules, GTFO!


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