Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Marine Speaks Out at Blackfive

I know you guys all go to B5 b4 me... but DAMN. This is a most excellent rant about the pussification of the USMC leadership.

The treatment of the as-yet-uncharged Marines at Camp Pendleton, the sadly comic persecution of a Cpl letting off steam at Al Asad or some other shit hole...too much. Loyalty and devotion is a two-way street. I do not see it in the current Marine Corps Leadership. Toss that air-wing NCO under the bus…he wasn’t at Haditha but he’ll do.

At the end of the day it comes down to this; I see nobody acting like they have the tiniest set of balls in Marine leadership. Maybe a non-PC Marine General or Colonel will show up with stars and the desire to get people to back the fuck off until the facts are presented.

And that's just a LITTLE bit of what this Marine, and father of two Marines, has to say about today's Corps. Some of it I agree with... some, I'm not so sure. I do think there's an honor in the Corps that has been compromised by the actions of a few. I do believe the "Hadji Girl" song should have remained a campfire song, and not a YouTube video. I don't know what happened in Haditha, and I'm unclear as to why our guys are being held in solitary without any charges being brought against them.

I also know that I'm damn proud of our Marines, and they will take care of their own bad seeds. Honor and Duty above all else.. something they know well.


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