Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jesse McFake

I'm sure you've all read about Jesse Macbeth's pathetic attempts to pass himself off as an Army Ranger. Matt and crew are offering up some reasons he may have impersonated a Ranger. My personal favs:
Easier to lie to girls about being a shoulda seen the reaction I got when I told everyone I was Spiderman. ~TheMan

It gave him a lot more attention than when he lied about being a Yellowstone Park Ranger who wantonly killed over 200 squirrels. ~FrankJ

No, no, I meant POWER Ranger. ~Jim Treacher

Let's hope his fate is similar (yet stiffer) to Matthew Phillip's sentence of 6 months probation for wearing a uniform without authorization. Considering the allegations of murder, I'm hoping for a little time in Leavenworth. Jesse didn't just put on the uniform, he disgraced it.


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