Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"That" Video

No, I'm not hosting it. Yes, I watched it.
If you REALLY want to see it, go to Jawa. They've got a few screen shots and the video.
You may be asking yourself why I watched it. I don't have some sort of sick fantasy about killing or seeing "real" blood and gore. I wanted to confirm the torture that has been hinted at across the 'net and the press. I had heard that they were killed in an inhumane way, possibly beheaded, found with their own genitals stuffed in their mouths, and rigged with explosives. The only thing confirmed was that they were positively ID'd by DNA and that their bodies were boobytrapped. After watching the video, I can say with absolute certainty that our guys were killed in an extremely inhumane way, one was beheaded, and one had "something" stuffed in his mouth. Since the beheaded soldier's genital area was exposed (and blurred out) on the video, it's impossible to tell if they were present or removed. Both bodies were extremely bloody and appeared to have extensive wounds from head to toe.
There. Now you all know... so none of you have to go watch the vid or look at the pictures to confirm your own fears as I did.

The video was released along with a statement claiming that the killings were a direct reply to the 101st's rape and murder of an Iraqi girl and her family. Here's where I through down the bullshit flag.
1. The rape and murder occurred several months ago, yet the insurgents claim these murders are in retaliation? I don't think so. It's been too long, and no mention of retaliation was made in their prior confessionals.
2. Our Soldiers were found 10 days prior to rape and murder charges being filed against former US Soldier, PFC Steven D. Green. Since June 30, 5 other Soldiers have been charged with various crimes surrounding the alleged attack.
3. The insurgents claim the rape victim was their "sister", yet isn't it common for Muslim people to condemn and stone rape victims? So why would they claim this girl as their "sister", and seek revenge? Why not praise Allah that the American's apparently raped AND killed her, taking that burden away from her family and friends.
4. I'm left wondering why they waited almost a month to release the video, which they are obviously quite proud of.

Well, that's my take on it. I think they're using the rape and murder case as an excuse to "justify" the brutal murders of our guys. I highly doubt they even knew about the rape and murder case that was under investigation before they killed our Soldiers. Sorry fellas. There's just no excuse for treating a human being that way. No excuse at all.


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