Thursday, July 13, 2006

This ain't no MD 20/20

I came across the "Cheers" section of USA Today which highlights one inexpensive wine per day. I'm not a big drinker, but I do enjoy a good glass of wine and an occassional ice cold beer (Michelob, please. Amberbock or Ultra Amber if you've got it). I'm a white or rose person- the sulfa's in reds cause me some breathing issues so I tend to stay away from them.
I think I might have to try some of these:

Blue Fish Reisling, Germany. "...this is zesty, easy-to-drink Riesling, only the faintest bit sweet and graced with trademark stonefruit aromas and flavors."

The Wishing Tree Unoaked Chardonnay, Australia. "you'll find a fresh apple-pear character, some butter-lemon notes and a light spirit."

Kendall Jackson Vintner's Reserve Zinfandel, California. "A hamburger wine if ever there was one."

Jacob's Creek Reserve Riesling, Australia. "Grapefruit and mineral notes predominate in this austere, zesty sipper."

Baron Philippe de Rothschild Mouton Cadet Blanc, France. "It's serious, smooth and refined, and perfect for pouring at cocktail parties."

Boutari Kretikos, Greece. "...dry, medium-bodied white, which offers aromas of new-mown hay and gentle and fresh apple and melon flavors."

Thirsty. Very thirsty.


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