Monday, August 21, 2006

Hamster rulz

I got Thomas 2 absolutely adorable chinese dwarf hamsters for his birthday, complete with Habitrail and exercise ball. OMG.. they are SO frikkin' cute! They're also very small- only a few inches long, about the size of a field mouse. I LOVE hamsters- had several when I was a kid, and was really looking forward to my boys having them someday. That day finally arrived!

Hub and I had to make sure we laid down "The Hamster Rulz" to avoid any unintentional rodent injuries. Things we'd "heard" of kids doing to their hamsters and gerbils, but of course had no first hand knowledge of said abuses. (ahem. that's my story... and I'm sticking to it, LOL)

1. No tossing the hamsters in the air on a blanket.
2. No bouncing them up into the air while jumping on the bed
3. If they're on a table, and about to fall over the edge, you can't slam your hand down on top of them because you might break their necks.
4. No dropping them on their heads, causing dain bramage which makes them run around in circles until they drop dead.
5. Don't hold them too tight- you might squeeze the daylights out of 'em.
6. If they bite you, you have to remember that you either a. scared them, b. they're tired of being held, or c. your fingers smell like food. It's nothing personal, and YOU CANNOT KILL THEM over this.
7. NO FIGHTING OVER WHO GETS TO HOLD THE HAMSTER. If someone is already holding it, you CANNOT grab ahold of the hamster and pull! (Kevin caught onto this one, and demonstrated what might happen if you break this rule: "He might *POP* break in half, right Mommy?" ewwwww)

Then Thomas added one of his own:
8. No playing Nerf Darts in the house when the hamsters are out, cuz if you hit them in the head, you might kill them. (valid.. point taken. no Nerf Darts when the rodents are out)

At which point... Kevin excitedly added a rule of his own.
9. "You can neber, eber put them in a spoon and fling 'em across da room into a wall." (which was accompanied by full hand motions of the spoon-fling, flying across the room and SPLAT, hand clap, against the wall) was at this very moment that I wondered why I even bothered telling them the rulz, and I totally forgot Rule #10.

Hissy and Tunnel are DOOMED.


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