Monday, August 28, 2006

Ug.... I am just sick


but DAMN... I *hate* being right about this. Remember me telling you about the 3 year old, Marcus Fiesel, who disappeared on August 15?

Remember me saying "I'm very worried about this, and I'm speculating that his foster family is at fault somehow for several reasons:"???

I had reason to trust my gut. The foster family went to a family reunion in Kentucky on August 4th, and for whatever reason, LOCKED MARCUS IN A CLOSET AT HOME AND DIDN'T TAKE HIM WITH THEM. When they returned on August 6th, he was dead. The foster father, David Carroll, then took his body to a remote area in Brown County and incinerated his tiny body. They still haven't found any trace of his body, which tells me that the foster parents finally confessed. They have both been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Joe Deters... nail this couple to the fucking wall... and let the rats eat them alive. I am beyond words.

Marcus's remains have been located in the chimney of an abandoned house in a rural area east of Cincinnati. "Police say the break in the case came when someone tipped them off and led them to that spot. The place where Marcus' remains were found is just a few miles down the road from David Carroll's live-in girlfriend's father's house on Route 505."

Well, at least those who care about Marcus will have remains to bury. That's got to be a small source of comfort and closure. *sigh*


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