Thursday, September 14, 2006


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IT'S MY BROTHER'S BIRTHDAY TODAY! And since he doesn't read my blog, I can tell you he's getting a South Park t-shirt, a cozy flannel-lined shirt (which, in all reality, Leann will probably lurv and end up wearing also, hehe), and some really cute antique mugs from Wright Patterson AFB that I found at a flea market. He's TDY right now, so I don't know when I'll get to give it to him.

It's also my friend Karen's birthday, and Alix's Lil' Bit's birthday. Oh, and a couple of my Dad's cousins were born this day too. Pretty weird, eh? A bunch of professional and Olympic athletes were born on 9/14, actress Faith Ford, and the artist who drew The Gibson Girl (I'm sure he had me in mind while creating that picture), Just goes to show ya that ALL of the *really* cool kids were born on Sept. 14!

For some reason, this is also a "good" day for nuclear weapons tests, since the US and the Soviets have each done it 4 times on this day, and England conducted one 9/14 test. In 1965, the show "F-Troop" premiered, and in 1960, OPEC was formed by Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuala. The first frontal lobotomy was performed in 1956 (BEFORE I was born, so no, I wasn't the patient, ya bunch o weenies), and back in 1716, the first American lighthouse was lit, in Boston Harbor. One of the most significant things to ever happen on September 14 was the first lunar landing, a task performed by the Soviet's Luna-2, in 1959.

Lil' bro is a mere 36, compared to my wise(ass) 39... cuz it's MY BIRTHDAY too!
And since it's MY BIRTHDAY, I thought I'd share a picture from this morning of me with my favorite gifts in the whole wide world, my boys.
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