Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An interesting Meme

So there I was, over at Seawitch's place, when I read a comment I just had to check out. Mark made a comment on her Katrina post about wanting input on his latest post, so I hopped over. I have to admit, I didn't comment on the post... but I did scroll down a bit and found an interesting Meme.

1. Find the closest book
2. Turn to page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post that text below the text following these instructions on your blog, along with the instructions.

Here goes!

To freeze a sprinter, the shutter must open and close before the image of the runner perceptibly changes position on the camera's image plane. Therefore, the faster the subject runs, the faster the shutter speed you will need to stop the action and avoid a blurred image.

A second factor affecting the final image is the camera-to-subject distance.

One elevator door was half-open on an empty shaft, from which drifted hissing wind. The door was coated to look like wood, but a dent at kneel level showed it was black metal. While he squatted, fingering the edge of the depression, something clicked: a second elevator door beside him rolled open.

"Hey, good-lookin'!" the blond driver yells, her hair flapping in the wind. "Don't go! I think I love you!" Laughing, her friends pull her hat off.

Several people put their arms around me and said keep coming back!

There is no perfect place to live.
(which was followed by "And there will always be some aspect of your situation that you wish were different, whether it be something about your home, your neighborhood, your workplace, your city- or even your spouse. Many of these things are beyond yoru power to change. So learn to make the best of things!")

OK... that's a little freaky to me, considering I'm nearing the end of my divorce...


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