Thursday, August 31, 2006

American by birth; Columbus, GA by choice, HONEY!!

Hosting provided by FotoTimeToo frikkin' funny. That, my friends, is what my Aunt Shelia wrote on the sign she held up in honor of her hometown Little League team- the Columbus Northern League All-Stars, after they won the Little League World Series. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said, "And on this night, Shelia Robinson's homemade sign spoke for her and everyone else." I'm so proud! They were on the news too, but I don't have a vid link to it. This group of 11 twelve and thirteen year-old boys have indeed become America's Team.

Aunt Shelia called me today to make sure I saw the AJC article which mentions her sign. Thank goodness my ears weren't within pinching/pulling distance when I told her that I didn't realize the Columbus team beat Japan in the final game, or that the pitcher, Kyle Carter, is the first pitcher in 60 years to go 4-0.

Aunt Shelia was APPALLED that I, an American YANKEE, hadn't heard about their teams' success. She wanted to make sure that I, and my Dad, knew that "The best baseball players IN THE WORLD are from Columbus, Georgia!" (pronounced correctly, that sounds more like "The beeyast basebahl playahs IN THA WIR-ALD ah froom Columbus, Gee-Oor-Jaaaah", and I'm from "Cin-suh-nah-tah, Ohh-Hii-Ohh")

Of course, she wouldn't be saying that if she'd been able to see her great-nephew pitch this year. *wink* Maybe someday her sign will read "American by birth; Cincinnati, Ohio by choice, HONEY!!"
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