Saturday, October 28, 2006


Cuppla things I thought you'd all enjoy:

First off...
A very, very kewl war vet charity I just found out about. Homes For Our Troops is an organization which builds homes for our injured troops, catered to their specific injury. HFOT builds the houses FOR FREE. There are SO many wonderful links about their work on their home page, I can't fit them all in... so just go visit, click on links, and help any way you can. This is a registered non-profit organization which provides homes to our wounded at absolutley NO COST to the soldier or his/her family. It's almost Veteran's Day folks... what better great way to celebrate than to make a donation to this charity!?!!

Co-worker Gina sent me a link to an audio file from the Bob and Tom show that had me ROLLING and in tears. OMG... I wish I was that witty.

OK. One more.
That is... don't vote until you've truly researched the candidates and you make an informed choice. The AARP has a FANTASTIC site that facilitates your research. I'm not a party-line voter- never have been. I vote for the person most aligned with my beliefs- I really don't care if you're a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or whatever... if your political beliefs closely match mine- you have my vote! Check it out!


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