Friday, December 15, 2006

Let me.. Entertain you....

Here are some vid's I've watched over the past couple of days that are highly entertaining, and I thought you'd enjoy them too.

Christmas cheer... brought to you by Alec Baldwin's Schweaty Balls! Look how they glisten!

Another SNL skit that cracks my ass up is Robert DeNiro's press conference about the most wanted terrorists in the world, including M'Balz Es-Hari and Haid D'Salaami.

And now for something more serious.
Major Pain posted this video yesterday about the Arlington Wreath Project, brought to you by the Worcester Wreath Company. I've heard about the project before, but this is the first time I've seen the video. It's long- 7 minutes- so watch it when you have the time to listen to the lyrics and reflect upon Arlington, the Christmas season, and our military.

*** UPDATE ***
This isn't a video... but a video of this exchange would be priceless.
Yesterday my son Thomas asked his dad what 'fire at will' means. He told him that it means that you can fire your weapon when you're ready- you don't have to wait for permission.
So. This morning the kids were playing in the backseat of the car. Thomas is making gun noises, and says, "FIRE AT WILL!"

To which Kevin replies.....


oh man.


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