Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shades of Chuck

Another milblogger has been seriously injured in Iraq. JR Salzman (of the same unit that created the "halp us jon carry" sign) was injured by an IED and has lost his right arm beneath his elbow and 2 fingers on his left hand.

Like a true warrior and athlete, he is determined to recover and resume his lumberjack activities. As he said in his blog "My legs are fine, so I can still logroll!!!" He has been featured on ESPN, including being awarded the Best Outdoorsman ESPY in 2005, just before deployment.

Many thanks to SK for bringing this to my attention. This is just so sad.
Please, as I know you will, keep JR in your thoughts and prayers. Fuzzy... Chuck.... darlin's... I'm thinkin' a Chuck Z Delivered V-IT laptop is in order, dontcha think?


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