Friday, January 26, 2007

American Soldier: Keeping it real

American Soldier's a new daddy once again, and is having some revelations about his near-death experience in Iraq. Leave it to AS to keep it real. Pay attention to his list of what's important- it flashed before his eyes when injured in Iraq. I left my own list in comments. It goes like this:

Laying across my Grandmother’s lap as a child, as she scratched my back; the birth of my two boys; a meeting in the San Antonio airport; a parkbench in New York City, in the shadows of the former WTC’s; the rush I felt getting my first financial license; seeing the pleasure in my son’s eyes as he pitched his first strike-out; my younger son’s laughter and silliness; the touch of My Man’s fingertips on my skin; my Mom.

What would you see?


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