Friday, January 19, 2007

I hear bagpipes cryin'......

Matt posted this today (a couple of versions, actually), and I just had to post it here too. I know you all read Blackfive, but dammit... how could I pass this up?

The poem was Commander Mark Waddell's reaction to a June 28, 2005 battle in the mountains of Afghanistan. An MH-47 helicopter was shot down during the fight and 19
special forces troops and airmen were killed, including 11 SEALs. Waddell was acting commander of East Coast SEAL operations at the time.

"I had three of the four guys on the ground that died that day," Waddell said in a recent interview with radio station KATC/Colorado Springs. "I was so heartbroken after I passed out all the flags at the memorial service. I was just thinking about the bagpiper, who is also a retired SEAL captain, standing there literally crying the song out of the bagpipes. We were all so sad.

"When I came home my wife said I should write down some words. Tim (Rushlow) called me and asked how I was doing. I told him I wrote this poem and he said well let me have it. We went back and forth on the phone and decided to make it a tribute to everyone from World War II to the present."

Anyone who has ever heard "Amazing Grace" played on bagpipes knows exactly what it means to hear "bagpipes cryin"... and everyone who hears this song will know the heartbreak our military feels when any of them perish, no matter if they knew the fallen man or not. God bless them all.


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