Wednesday, January 10, 2007


"The death of Al Qaeda suspect Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was detailed in an American intelligence report passed on to the Somali authorities. Mohammed, one of the FBI's most wanted terrorists who has evaded capture for eight years, was allegedly harbored by a Somali Islamic movement that had challenged this country's Ethiopian-backed government for power."

Somalian leaders were fully aware of our military operation to locate and destroy the Al Qaeda location. Not only were they fully aware of it, but the fully supported it. Considering that Fazul was involved in an Islamic movement to overthrow the current government, it makes perfect sense.

I don't see this as an attempt by the US to come to the rescue of the current Somalian government, but rather a very successful attempt to rid the world of some nasty, hateful, murderous people. I know that there are reports of innocents being killed, including children and a newlywed couple, but my thought on it is this: What in the HELL were there doing in our strike zone? Seems to me that the warnings put out earlier, combined with the very targeted attacks, would indicate that the "innocents" were affiliated with the "not-so-innocents".

Good on ya, Air Force and Army!


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