Friday, June 08, 2007


You know, there's been a lot of talk over the past year about global warming. Hell, it even got AlGore an Oscar (hack. spit). However.... all it took was the wisdom of one of my CL friends, Sammy D, to solve the mystery of global warming.
She had an epiphany Tuesday night,discovering the TRUE source of global warming. Duh …. The baby boomer females are all going through MENOPAUSE!!!
Of course, now Sammy's claiming all over AlGore's internet that SHE invented global warming. sheesh.

In other news. I'm getting hit with a NASTY string of thundershowers right now. The vertical rain is swirling around outside my office window. It's really freaky. This is the same cell of storms that caused tornados in Wisconsin yesterday.

If you haven't seen it yet, Blackfive has some phenomenal video links up. This one is about the USAF taking out an Al Qaeda weapons range. HOOAH, ZOOMIES! And this one provides a link to the San Diego Union Tribune's video interviews with the Cee-gar Marine, Gunny Popaditch. Pay close attention to his right eye- Marines will get a kick out of it.

My buddy, Bloodspite, has been rallying against the immigration bill that failed yesterday, and is deep into celebration mode today. If you haven't been following his rants, you should. And I'm embarrassed to say that one an Ohio REPUBLICAN Congressmen, Paul Voinovich, voted FOR the bill. ick. Thank God *MY* rep, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, had better sense and voted it down.

One last note.
Would somebody PLEASE just kill Paris Hilton and GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY!?!??!?!?! God, I am SOOOOO tired of that waste of space.


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