Monday, May 14, 2007

Spidey 3

Kevin has been a Spiderman freak since, well, before he was born, I think. He's gone through more Spiderman costumes than the law should allow, not to mention all of the action figures and webslinging gloves. As soon as I picked the boys up from school Friday night, they started asking "Mommy, can we go see Spiderman!?"

Soooo... I took them to Spiderman 3 for Mother's Day. Kevin decided to wear his costume all day- after sleeping in it, mind you. We stopped at a restaurant for lunch first. The hostess leaned down and asked Kevin if he'd had a hard night fighting crime. Without skipping a beat, Kevin said "Yeah. It was a TOUGH one." lordy.

Sooo.. on to the movie. I was pretty impressed by Thomas's ability to accept his brother's silliness and the costume-in-public thing. I think that deep down he wishes he could be as free and unassuming as his brother, but he just can't let go.

Near the end of the movie, Sandman gets part of his head blown up, thanks to the good guys. Kevin, unable to control himself by now, nearly leaps out of his seat, pumping both fists in the air, and YELLING, "OH YEAH! DID YOU SEE THAT? THEY BLEW UP HIS HEAD! THAT WAS AWESOME, BABY! OHHHH YEAH!"

I was DYING... stifling giggles and "shushing" him at the same time, while listening to dozens of other stifled giggles around the theater.

(move was good, very cool special fx, but LOOOONG... could have used more editing)


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