Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kevin and the Tooth Fairy

My son Kevin has seen the tooth fairy. Not just once... but a few times now. He told me about it tonight.

"Mommy... you renember (yes, he says "renember" instead of "reMember") when I lost my second tooth when I was five?"

"I do, honey", I replied.

"Well... I saw the tooth fairy that night!"

Now the first time he told me he saw the tooth fairy, I was worried I'd been caught and ruined his first childhood fantasy. Tonight was not the first time he'd told me about seeing the tooth fairy, so I wasn't surprised when he told me.

"Yes, I remember, Kevin", I told him.

He then proceeded to tell me all about the first time he saw the tooth fairy- only the story, like every great fish story, has evolved into an epic work of storytelling. It went something like this:

Well, you see it was the Carson Palmer tooth fairy, and he was playing football with his tooth fairy friends. I know, cuz I was watching with my eyes just barely open, like this *squint*. He got hit in the helmet with a ball and it knocked his helmet off because he forgot to put the chin strap on- but it didn't hurt, cuz he's a Bengal, you know. Then he picked up his helmet, put it back on WITH the chin strap and told his friends, "Well, time to get back to business", and left them to play the game without him. Then he flew right over me *woosh sound*, and carefully traded my tooth for a WHOLE DOLLAR.

After he had finished, I said "WOW! I don't remember the Carson Palmer tooth fairy. HUH! Wasn't the last one a guy wearing a purple suit?"

He said, "Yeah- and the funniest thing happened when he was here! It was his birthday, and he brought his "Hamster Dance" birthday card with him- the SAME CARD YOU GOT ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY! It was SOOOO funny, Mommy!"

You know, some people have no imagination at all. Others have some, and then there's that small group who end up as world-famous writers with imaginations that, well, I can't even begin to imagine. Heh. Rascal. Bengal quarterback and hamster-dancing purple-suit-wearing tooth fairies. Who knew!?!?!

Kevin with his best friend at his birthday party last week. I can't believe he's 7 now!


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