Saturday, September 29, 2007


"RIGHT THERE, PILGRIM" is my new favorite traffic sign.

LMFAO.. how creative is that??? Get people to actually pay attention to road signs by making them funny enough to make you want to read it. TOO cool.

Maybe we could put up some "JOHN" signs where we normally see deer crossing.

Or maybe "There's NO PARKING baby... NO PARKING on the dance floor"

Perhaps a new speed limit sign proclaiming "I CAN'T DRIVE... 55"

What about a series of "Yield" signs, with "Curve", "Net", "Gross", "High", "Dividend", "Tax Equivalent", "Annual", and "Cummulative". That one may go over better in New York, around the stock exchanges. lol (sorry- just a bit of finance dork humor there)


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