Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hooters vs. Vice Principal

Arizona Hooters waitress accidentally leaves her 17 month old in her car while working and gets charged with negligent homicide.

Ohio junior high school VP accidentally leaves her 2 year old in the car while working and GETS OFF SCOTT FREE. I've written about Nesselroad-Slaby before- the killing took place very close to my house, and I'm continually amazed that NOTHING is being done about her crime. NOTHING.... It makes me SICK.

I just don't get it.
How come Arizona could file charges, yet Ohio couldn't? How back-assward is that!??? There was a lot of speculation that Nesselroad-Slaby wasn't charged because she's a middle class white woman, and that if she'd been a ghetto or trailer park mom she would have been arrested on the spot. I agreed back then, and I agree now that Hooters mom was charged because of her social status, whereas VP mom wasn't charged because of her social status.

The decision to charge or not charge someone with a crime should NEVER, EVER be made based upon gender, race, or social status. It really shouldn't matter. People are people are people, aren't they?


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