Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cub Scout Bleg

My boys are both in Cub Scouts and have a couple of projects we need help with. Both involve cash donations or purchases, so I fully understand if you don't participate.

First of all, the kids are selling popcorn. Really GOOD popcorn. There's two kinds of microwave butter popcorn (15 packs for $12.00), microwave kettle corn (15 packs for $20.00), and a bunch of different kinds of caramel and cheese popcorn in tres kewl tins, ranging from $8.00 to $50.00. The $8.00 tin isn't available for online purchase, but I have them and will send it to you if that's what you want. The $8.00 tin is caramel corn with peanuts. My personal favs are the caramel light and caramel with pecans and almonds... ohhhh MAN. It really is VERY good, and the tins are adorable. The sale runs through October 31.

BUT WAIT!!!! That's not the only way you can help!!! This year the Scouts are also working with Support Our Troops to supply our soldiers with popcorn! You can make a $25.00 TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to the Scouts, and Trail's End (our popcorn supplier) will send popcorn to Support Our Troops for distribution to our military!! How cool is that??? I know you're all huge supporters of our military, so even if you don't want popcorn for yourself, you can make a tax-deductible contribution to Support Our Troops! The kids get the same credit for selling popcorn as they do for the cash donation.
To make an online purchase or donation, go to, enter either Kevin's key, TEX26F0 - that's a zero on the end, not an 'o', or Thomas's key, TEX263M, and make your selections. Your purchase (or receipt for your Support Our Troops donation) will be mailed directly to your home- or any other mailing address you'd like to enter.

I'm sure you've all heard about the Wreaths Across America project, right? They lay Christmas wreaths on graves at Arlington every year. (when you click the link, be sure to check out the entire "video on demand" section- they are incredible) Well, the project is expanding this year and will now include a memorial wreath laying ceremony at 12pm EST in every state in the nation on December 15. The closest cemetery to us is in Dayton, Ohio. Our Scouts will be attending, and, depending on donations, will also help lay wreaths on as many of the 42,000-plus graves at the Dayton National Cemetery as we can. The national goal is to lay 50,000 wreaths at 230 participating national cemeteries. The wreaths cost $15.00 each.

Our Scouts do not benefit financially from this project at all, and neither does the Worcester Wreath Company, who make the wreaths and started the project. It's simply a way to teach the kids about honor and duty to our country, and to remember those who gave all. However, if there aren't enough donations, the kids won't have any wreaths to lay. Therefore, I am asking that if you can, please donate some cash to the WAA project, with your donation earmarked for the Dayton National Cemetery.

You can also purchase wreaths for personal use and gifts. If you decide to purchase some wreaths, please follow this link or follow links directly from the WAA website. When you get to the order summary, it will ask for a zip code. This is not required if you are buying wreaths for the project- only if you are buying wreaths for yourself or as gifts. On the next page, enter your billing and shipping information and in the "memo" box, please include the following "Please direct my donated wreaths to the Dayton National Cemetery in Dayton, OH".

Please consider both of these projects. I know that money is tight, so I know that not all of you will participate, but please consider helping.
AFSis, Thomas and Kevin


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