Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Prayers, Please.

If you read the comments in my "I'll be right back" post, you may have noticed SK's comment about her niece trying to kill herself in SK's shower. I don't have that story yet, but I do have another one about SK's niece.

SK had two nieces give birth last week within two days of each other. One of the mom's is an itty bitty thing- 100lbs soaking wet. Well, things have taken a turn for the worse and the niece is in the hospital with some abnormal testing and doctors who can't seem to get it together to treat her properly. Her niece is extremely swollen (I'm talking 2-3 times her normal size/weight), in pain, away from her babies (toddler and newborn), lacking faith in the doctors at the hospital, unsure of her diagnosis- AND... the family dog got mauled yesterday and may need to be put down.

Please.. please.. put them on the top of your prayer list, and check LL's site for updates.



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