Friday, February 15, 2008

#1 Reasons for McCain

#1 reason I'd vote for McCain: His stance on the war, and his honest opinion of how long we could be there. He recognizes that the war on terror is a life-long committment which just happens to be centered in the Middle East, necessitating our presense there for a very long time.

"It's not a matter of how long we're in Iraq, it's if we succeed or not," McCain said to CNN's Larry King.

"And both Sen. Obama and Clinton want to set a date for withdrawal -- that means chaos, that means genocide, that means undoing all the success we've achieved and al Qaeda tells the world they defeated the United States of America.

"I won't let that happen."

He goes on to explain that we could be there for a hundred years- much like we're still in Germany and other foreign countries. Doesn't mean we're FIGHTING in those countries- we're just "there". And I completely agree with him on that first point: It's not a matter of how LONG we're there, it's winning that matters.

And, on the flip side... the #1 reason I wouldn't vote for McCain: His stance on illegal immigration, and how he's handling criticism of his failed McCain-Kennedy immigration bill.

In a Jan. 5 debate, Mr. McCain declared that anyone who says he supported amnesty is "a liar, is lying." Several days before he won the New Hampshire primary, Mr. McCain was asked by a voter about criticism of his record. The senator replied: "I do not support, nor would I ever support, any services provided to someone who came to this country illegally, nor would I ever and [I] never have supported Social Security benefits for people who are in this country illegally." Any assertion to the contrary, he added "is absolutely false."

I swear. The man must be in COMPLETE denial of his authorship of "The Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act". The bill had some strong points (combating human smuggling, securing the borders against illegal immigration, coordinating our efforts with Mexico, federal funding for states apprehending and incarcerating illegals, and a few others). But the major failing point of the bill was granting temporary worker status to illegals already in the United States with payment of a $1,500.00 fine. That, in effect, IS amnesty- you just have to pay a little to get it. The new visa, the H5A, would entitle these recently bailed-out criminals (yes, criminals- illegal immigration is a crime. That's why it has the word "illegal" in it.) to every right and service available to similarly employed US citizens and legal aliens. Therefore, formerly illegal aliens now in posession of an H5A visa would be entitled to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and every other service provided by our government- something he now denies he supported.

Look at his voting record, and you'll see EXACTLY where he's stood on these issues in the past. He voted to support mass amnesty in 2003. He co-sponsored a bill which would allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and allow illegal immigrant college students who entered the US before the age of 16 to automatically get green cards for their parents. He voted against barring convicted foreign terrorists, gang members, and sexual offenders from ever entering the United States. And in 2006, he worked with Ted Kennedy to kill a bill which would have erased Social Security credits earned by illegals working under false Social Security numbers, in effect giving them credit for working here illegally and increasing their Social Security benefit.

Knowing all of this is public record, how can he stand in front of the American public and claim that he's NEVER supported amnesty, and he's NEVER supported providing government benefits (including Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, and other welfare programs) to illegals???

McCain now says that the stunning defeat of this bill back in 2005 was a wake up call, and that he now "gets it", which is good. But looking at his voting record and recent comments about his former stance on illegal immigration makes me believe he is either waffling or has an incredibly short memory- especially for someone who wants to run the United States of America.


  • I have no qualm against Huckabee and actually prefer him over McCain, however there are serious problems coming out of this ongoing assault on McCain…. And to believe he isn’t going to be the nominee is simply putting your head in the sand.

    This dual campaign (as righteous as it may sound) is depleting valuable resources we desperately need to catch up to the resources that are now available to rabidly liberal, extreme leftists who are clobbering us in voter turn out – and have a storehouse of campaign money that dwarfs ours.

    Rabid liberals are out-pacing us at the polls two to one.... and Obama has millions upon millions of dollars stored up to railroad any conservative message on the air waves.

    This election is going to be a landslide, if conservatives don't wake up and stop playing footsie with this issue. We have an enormous amount of work to do, to even get to a point of being competitive.

    While our grass roots are end-fighting, throwing hissie fits over McCain not being conservative enough, liberals are entrenching, storing up millions, and solidifying it's extreme liberal base.

    Liberals have vowed to undo every conservative accomplishment it can - and they will have the political clout to get much of it done - since conservatives want to have a pity party over McCain.

    If Conservatives must be dragged to the polls with nose plugs, while liberals are turning out in droves, what do you suppose the outcome will be?

    Some want to punish McCain, but instead only punish us all with 4 to 8 years of extreme liberalism that’s in control of the senate, house and now the White House.

    If liberals overtake our entire government, Conservatives will be in no position to complain. It's lack of enthusiasm and threats of staying home on election day, pretty much will secure this fate.

    The damage that will ensue over the next 4 to 8 years won't be the liberals fault. It will be our fault by throwing temper tantrums instead of doing everything possible to oppose an Obama election. I see no conservative principal in THAT!

    Danny Vice

    By Blogger Danny Vice, at 9:54 PM  

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