Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cat's Back

The Questing Cat is back on US soil!!!!!
MANY thanks to his AF SIL, $19.95, for the update and her incredibly emotional post.

And after spending some time checking out their video... read their story. $19.95 linked that story in her post, with a "it's long, but worth it" disclaimer. She's right. It's long, but worth it. Here's a little taste:
Over 15 months, the war would kill 13 men from Charlie 1-26, more than any other Army company sent to Iraq, according to their battalion commander.

The group of 190 would earn at least 95 combat awards. They were part of Task Force 1-26, some 820 troops, who would find 47 weapons caches, capture more than 300 insurgents, including high-value targets, and find hundreds of explosive devices. But 122 men would receive Purple Hearts and 31 would die, more than in any Army battalion since Vietnam.

Damn. Just... Damn.


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