Wednesday, January 16, 2008


SSG, and Officer, Eric Barker.... you will be deeply missed and mourned.

Barker is a member of the 300th MPAD, Keith's unit. In "real life", he's a member of the Dekalb County Police Department, a husband, and a father... and now, a new member of the Fiddler's Green Club. Barker was killed in what the Chief described as an "ambush" by "cold-blooded killers" while responding to a suspicious person call at an Atlanta apartment complex. In a press conference today, Chief Bolton all but promised to have the killers behind bars before the day is over. I hope he's right.

I don't have words right now. Just tears and prayers. Please pray for Barker's wife and young children as they deal with his violent death. I know he's a police officer, but being a Soldier, you expect them to get injured or killed while deployed- not at home. I am just so sad.

See you later, Eric. I promise. We'll take care of things down here on the ground.


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