Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Survivor Succombs

Dith Pran has died.

Don't know the name, do you... but I bet you know his story.
Dith Pran is the subject of the movie "The Killing Fields", about his survival and escape from Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. If you've never watched "The Killing Fields", you should- just know that it is extremely hard to watch, yet you find yourself unable to pull away from the screen until the whole story is told.

When Pol Pot died back in 1998, Dith compared his death to that of Hilter's: "The Jewish people's search for justice did not end with the death of Hitler and the Cambodian people's search for justice doesn't end with Pol Pot." Well put, don't you think? It would be like Saddam dying of natural causes after decades of torture and mass murder, never to be held accountable for his actions. Thank GOD that did not happen, and the Iraqi's have seen justice for Saddam and many of his top leaders.

Rest in peace, Dith. There is no pain, no cancer, and no Pol Pot's in heaven.


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