Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh, Ye of Little Faith

Now, I know that the weather service isn't always 100% accurate, but how can you ignore the fact that a major hurricane is heading your way? Hell, I'm scrambling to change Cub Scout meeting plans for Monday night because we *might* get thunderstorms from Ike, which *could* disrupt my plans for an outdoor meeting. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a hurricane that has been steadily tracking toward Texas and Louisianna for well over a WEEK, and a mighty strong storm at that, MEANS YOU NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY OF THIS STORM???

How many times will people who live in the DIRECT FUCKING PATH of a major hurricane ignore the evacuation warnings, and then whaa-whaa over the response of emergency crews who CAN'T GET TO THEM because they stayed in an EVACUATION AREA, against the recommendation of those they are now counting on to rescue their sorry asses!!!!!

Authorities hoped to spare thousands of Texans — 140,000 by some estimates who ignored orders to flee ahead of Hurricane Ike — from another night among the destruction.


How many rescuers will be put in harm's way to spare you from your own ignorance?
How much taxpayer money will be spent on your rescue from imminent stupidity?

I have no problem with rescues that take place in areas that were thought to be safe, but ANYONE who stayed on Galveston Island deserves all that Mother Nature throws at them. Seriously people.. you stayed on a below sea level island during a hurricane????? Spare me the pity parties about to begin for these people.

I also, as you should all know, have no problem supporting (financially and otherwise) the clean up and recovery efforts for those affected by any disaster. But I have a HUGE problem with people who a) do not heed evac warnings, and b) develop a sense of entitlement about their rescue and recovery.

I say: if you don't evacuate, you get the rescue bill. I have the same feelings toward fuckhead explorers who climb mountains or go hiking without proper gear or tracking equipment and, then, when lost, require rescuers to go looking for them. I think Washington (state) has such a law now- get lost and require extraction because of your own stupidity, and you get the bill.

(btw, thank you FoxNews for pointing out that the masses that now need rescuing had ample warning to get the fuck outta Dodge, and are now crying out for help)


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