Thursday, December 22, 2005

In your DREAMS!

Kevin (my Little Man) and I have had some weird-ass dreams these past couple of days.

Somewhere in the middle of waking him up on "Squishy" day (see the post below, if you haven't already), he told me about a dream he had that night. Our family was flying in a big "hairplane", when the wings fell off, and we crashed. The "driver" went "UHHHHHHH.... SPLAT" and died, but, since the plane crashed at Disney World, our family survived and we had a great time at the park. *weird*

Then I told him about my dream. I had a dream that my childhood best friend's Mom called me, told me her mother had died, and would I be a pallbearer. The funeral is this Saturday, Christmas Eve, at 9:30am. (Keep in mind that my friend's grandmother died when we were in high school, and I never met her) *weirder*

Then last night, I had yet another odd dream.
I had a dream that I threw out my back, and went to my favorite spa for a massage. (Carol, I have no doubt this dream started with you and your aching back, btw) The massage room was kinda weird- there was a sink and a toilet at one end. She told me to remove my socks and shoes, top and bra, and wiggle my skirt down around my hips, and climb onto the table. (That's not the weird part- that's pretty normal) My back was so wrenched I had a hard time getting up onto the table. When I did, I was kinda curled up on my side a bit. She told me I needed to lay down flat on my belly, so I started to straighten out. The massage table was tilted to the right for some reason, and when I told her I felt like I was going to fall off the table, she just laughed, told me I was being silly, and to lay down flat. I tried to comply.... but when I did, the bed totally flipped over on me, and I found my aching self in a jumble, wedged between the flipped table and the sink against the wall. AIIIHHHHH!!! (that's a little scream)

When I looked up, the massage therapist was laughing her ass off at me, AND... AND... was totally naked. WTF!?!?!?! I crawled out from underneath the table, and went to grab my shirt to get the fark outta there. She beat me to it. She grabbed my shirt, bra, and socks and dropped them IN THE TOILET! (yeah- it was a VERY odd dream).

So I grabbed a towel, held it to my chest, and walked out into the lobby. Needless to say, I attracted a bit of attention. I demanded to talk to the owners, who apologized profusely while someone else retreived my toilet-water-soaked clothing and put them in a clothes dryer. As soon as they were ready, I bolted. *weirdest*

(the worst part of the dream: It woke me up at 5:00am, and I couldn't get back to sleep. The weirdest part of the dream: I actually have an appointment at my favorite spa for a whirlpool pedicure on Friday night. I may have to cancel it though, because I cut the bottom of my toe. Until this 5am this morning, I was considering changing it for a mini-massage! NO! NO! NO! RESIST... You MUST resist!!!)


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