Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kid... have you ever been arrested?

Doc's recent post reminded me so much of "Alice's Restaurant", I had to laugh!

I can just hear the conversation with the recruiter had things turned out differently: "Kid... we don't like your kind around here. The pool-hoppin', cow-tippin', spit-wad-shootin', food-fight kind. We're gonna have to send your fingerprints to Washington, Boy. Now go sit down on the group W bench, where we send the REAL troublemakers of the world"

It also reminded me of a story.
A story of a young waif of a girl, about 18, (we'll call her Were-Kitten) and her boyfriend. They had just moved into an apartment together (living in SIN), a floor below the boyfriend's best friend's apartment. One beautiful night, the three decided to climb up onto the roof of the apartment building to watch the stars and play guitar. Acoustic guitar- not electric.

So they hauled the guitars up onto the roof, and started enjoying the night air.

That's when it happened. Someone called the police.

Finding themselves surrounded by police with bullhorns "GET DOWN OFF OF THE ROOF NOW!", they decided to oblige the officer's request and climbed down. Once inside the apartment they proceeded to tell their story. The officers did not share their affection for playing guitar under the stars on the roof, and asked for social security numbers.

The young waif of a girl started crying. She couldn't remember her social security number. The police were again not amused. Once she got it out correctly, the officers left the building without arresting any of them- but they all got evicted by the apartment complex management.

And that, my friends... is the closest I've ever come to getting arrested.


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