Friday, April 22, 2005

Blackwater Down! Blackwater Down!


This story just kills me. One of my best blogbuddies, Free0352, has joined Blackwater. He's now a rent-a-grunt, as Ciggy calls him. Although he hasn't officially started there yet, he's signed on the dotted line and is getting ready to leave for training soon. He worries the crap outta me for doing this. And not just me- everyone at ALa's is worried about our Free.

Blackwater, being a private security firm, guards high profile targets in Iraq and other places around the world. They recruit the best sniper/infantry types they can get, and remind them that, as a private firm dedicated to security, they have the money to spend on the best equipment- and the best guys.

Well, so much for the "best of the best" they're just gone. A memory. Don't become just a memory to us Free. We love you, man. Be careful, ok? Things are getting bad in Iraq again- just read the article I linked and you can tell that. Or go read Maj. K. He just posted about the increasing violence they are seeing around Iraq.

As if you didn't already, please pray for our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. Keep them safe, and bring them home when it's time.


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