Wednesday, August 24, 2005

YAY! I've got my own trolls!

You know... I never thought it would happen, but it did. My post about Casey Hilmer being attacked by Benjamin White was controversial. I knew it would be- that's why I put it out there. Being an outsider to the case, all I had to go by was what the local media was printing. One commenter was at the trial, and had some very interesting insights. I never said there shouldn't be any repercussions... but I did say that I didn't think the parents should be held responsible for this act. I figured the post was over and done with, but I'm still getting comments on it- 22 days later.

Last Thursday I got this comment:
I'm sorry but I know Casey Hilmer and they diserve the money. it was uncalled for. the parents are def responsible
I made no comment. It appears to be from a child, given the spelling errors, and the fact that the commenter knows the child who was attacked. Plus, it was made anonymously.

Then I got this:
Get the facts! These parents were not only negligent but blatantly disregard their son's need for help. So what that they took him to a doctor if they didn't follow through and allowed the problems to escalate. Parents are responsible for the actions of their minor children. The only thing these parents understand is when it hits them in the wallet!
Hmmmm.... should I respond? Nahh... besides- it was again left by an anonymous commenter who didn't leave email addresses either. Besides, I DID have the facts. I stated, "His parents have had him under doctor's care for these conditions since fourth grade." in the original post, which is true. Nothing I wrote has been disputed as incorrect information. ADDITIONAL information has been presented, but nothing I wrote was incorrect.

Today, I got this one:
You know I wrote this whole big response but, I really only need to say one thing your an ass.
After I read the comment a few times, I realized that it should have said "You know, I wrote this whole big response, but I really only needed to say one thing: You're an ass."

Note to trolls: If you're going to leave nasty comments, anonymous or not... you could at least do yourself the favor of using proper spelling and grammar, and not make incorrect statements. You might be taken more seriously next time. And if you REALLY want to be heard... grow a set and leave your name and email address.

Oh yeah-
I suppose I ought to tell you how the trial ended. The jury awarded Casey Hilmer $10 million- $3.5 to be paid by Benjamin White, and the other $6.5 million to be paid by his parents. Interesting... considering that they only sued for $25,000.00. However, I do now believe the parents had some responsibility in this case due to facts that were brought out in the trial which were never covered by the local media. Things like Benjamin being diagnosed as bipolar, but his parents weren't ensuring he was medicated, and inconsistencies in the mother's testimony.


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