Thursday, August 25, 2005

So much to do, so much to say....


Next.... today's Valour-IT update has been brought to you by Cool Blue.

Then there's Noah's story, which is just unfolding. Go check out his Mom's experience with dealing with her son's injuries so far. Get out your hankie, and check back daily- updates will follow, I'm sure.

I have an ethics post in my brain, and as soon as the words make it to the keyboard, I'll post it. My head is swimming right now... so much going on. My baby started riding the school bus today. I guess he's not a baby anymore, is he? My older son starts next Tuesday, and on Monday the childcare center he was supposed to go to told me that they didn't have room for him after all. "Sorry".... JOY! So after a day of scrambling, I got it worked out. My 10th anniversary is tomorrow, and my husband suprised me with a trip to NYC- including a hotel on Times Square AND.....(drum roll, please).... tickets to see the show "Wicked". Totally unexpected. My exact words upon discovering the tickets in the card yesterday were "HOLY SHIT". Of course I'll be posting on that next week.

Enough rambling... that's all for now, folks.


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