Friday, September 30, 2005

Time for some linky lovin'

There are so many good posts out there right now, and I have nothing to add to them, so I thought I'd just redirect you all to the ones I've been reading. Of course... chances are, you've already read them since we all seem to frequent the same watering holes.

First up: Redleg. He's got some great posts about Hurricane Katrina and one about men vs. women.

Next: Free0352 guest-posts at ALa's.

John posted a tearful reminder about war. He also has some interesting thoughts on Captain Fishback's statement about prisoner abuse by the Army.

This sounds like something my boys would get in trouble for, LOL.

Blackfive is on a roll this week- every day has brought forth some fantastic posts.

American Soldier's book is up on Amazon now, but you can't buy it yet. CBTFW's book arrived at my house yesterday, even though it won't hit bookstores until next week. It's getting rave reviews!

Redsix is hanging up the keyboard due to OpSec... say it isn't so, Neil!

Howdy is back from the Sandbox, and Hurl is getting ready to leave.

Up for tomorrow: BOOBIETHON 2005! Time to whip out your wallets for women who aren't afraid to whip it out....


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