Thursday, December 08, 2005


You know, I was just wondering about something REALLY stupid after I left my last comment. It was to Trek. I told him that Cincinnati's been playing all Christmas-all-the-time on two radio stations since November 1. I said that it "irritates the shit outta me."
Got me thinking.

How, exactly, does one "irritate the shit" out of anything? I mean... come on! Is there some sort of special diet that makes that happen? Perhaps some of that toilet paper from port-o-john's that could double as sandpaper?

Could someone please explain to me how you can be "pissed off"??? And while we're on the subject, who came up with "Holy CRAP!" I mean, I know that Kevin played Jesus in the school play, but I stop short of calling his bodily functions anything near a religious experience.

Any why say "Holy Mother of GOD!"... why not just say "MARY!!!!!" and get it over with?

Oh... and how about calling something "pretty damn funny." I don't know about you, but I've never found Hell or being "damned" very funny, but yet I find myself saying that quite often. And speaking of things that are "pretty damn funny"... THIS is, well, pretty damn funny. I may not always like my job, but at least I won't lose my job for refusing to show my nipples to a gorilla.....


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