Thursday, January 19, 2006

Abortion outlawed in Ohio????

State Representative Tom Brinkman (R) introduced House Bill 228 nine months ago. The bill would make it a felony to perform abortions in Ohio, or even transport a woman across state lines to get an abortion. If convicted, the offender could be sentenced to 15 years in prison. According to several sources, there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule- not even to save the life of the mother, or cases of rape or incest. The bill allows for the prosecution of those who "assist or perform" the abortion- not the mother of the child.

The argument *against* allowing rape or incest victims to receive abortions is outrageously stupid to me. "It is inconsistent to have a total abortion ban and include such exceptions. Women who are the victims of sexual assault should not be doubly victimized with an abortion-an easy out for the sexual predator, but an additional, sometimes crushing, burden for the woman." WTF???? You have GOT to be kidding me... the abortion is an "easy out" for the PREDATOR? Give me a fucking break.


If passed, this would be a MAJOR blow to Roe v. Wade. Obviously, this bill is being used as a gateway to make the Supreme Court revisit the legality of abortion. Initially, Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted said the House would not hold hearings on the bill, but has now reversed that decision, stating that there would be "at least one hearing."

Personally, I am torn on this issue. I am morally opposed to abortion as a birth control method, but legally, I support the woman's right to receive early-term abortions. Just as I do not morally support flag burning, but I do support the legal right of the asshats who burn the flag, I believe that abortions should be legal. I do not believe abortions should be allowed after 12 weeks- the fetus is too far developed at that point and is able to feel pain. The only reason I would support abortion after 12 weeks is to save the life of the mother. Under NO circumstances to I support partial-birth abortions. That is pure and out-right murder and inhumane.

I know most of you do not live in Ohio, but this is not an issue that will go away if it is passed. It is well worth watching, and if you DO live in Ohio, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

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