Tuesday, January 10, 2006

gimmesome JUICE!

Oh man. Does this ever bring back memories.....

When I was about 5, my Dad decided to make his own wine at home. Every day, I would help with whatever needed to be done. It was very fun! So when the day came when the wine was finished, Dad decided that I should get to taste the final product.
He had a friend over, and popped the cork. (Ok.. it was a screw cap, but who's looking for details here?) They each took a taste... and made the most god-awful faces trying to swallow the swill.
I, on the other hand, enjoyed this first taste of fermented grape juice. My parents thought it was pretty funny that I liked it, and they thought it was nasty.
It wasn't quite so funny when they realized I was stumbling drunk though, and made me stop drinking.

Parents. Always ruining a good drunk.... especially when you're only 5.


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