Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Ever see those little pieces of "something" floating around in your eyes? I used to think it was little pieces of fuzz that somehow got stuck behind my eyeball. I learned a few years ago it was actually a tear in my cornea. Who knew? I thought everyone saw little "floaters" when they closed their eyes. Guess it was just me.

Sometimes, when I'm deep in thought, I will blink and these little floaters will appear. They look like little squiggles that just float around in the darkness behind my eyes. Sometimes I mentally follow their flight while thinking about this or that. I guess it provides me with a little distraction while I'm deep in thought.

Today I read the most amazing tribute to a man who died this weekend. Kat is an incredibly "deep" writer, and very descriptive. She wrote me a really long comment in my last post, because it was too long for Haloscan to accept it in one shot. I've always respected her mind, and she knows more about history than anyone I've ever "known". Kat's Uncle Lewis died on Saturday. He's a decorated Vietnam Vet, and someone I'm sure I would have loved to know. I hope that when you close your eyes, Kat, you see the man he was prior to 2002, when his health really took a turn for the worse. I hope you know that his death brings him peace, and your memories of him will also bring you peace over time.

Rest in peace (finally), Lewis Henry.


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