Saturday, January 28, 2006

Damn it, Janet...

...I love you, but your singing SUCKS BIG TIME.
(well, ok.. I don't *really* love her, but I have a hard time associating the name "Janet" with anything other than "The Rocky Horror Picture Show")
Janet Reno sang at a karaoke event in Miami Wendesday night. I'm not sure what kind of respect she's looking for after singing THIS song! (yes, there's video if your ears can handle the pain)
AAAIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!! My EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... and in other news...
AFSista got to meet one of her blog brotha's last night! SangerM is spending some time just north of me, so we got together for dinner. woot! woot!
Mrs. SangerM has her hands full with that one... hehe!!! We shared stories about our kids and many other topics. (BillT- Sanger and I were at Border's looking for some Frijid Pink but had no luck- but at least he knew who they were, which is a huge step forward for me!)
If you ever get the chance to meet Sanger.. don't miss it. It was a real treat, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If you haven't been to his Grand Retort blog, you've been missing some great essays. Wotta mind!


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