Friday, January 27, 2006


If a single mother gives up her baby for adoption, and a man known to be the baby's father steps up to the plate and wants to take custody... WHY WON'T THE COURTS ALLOW THIS?????

In a ruling yesterday, Hamilton County (Cincinnati, OH) Judge Thomas Lipps denied the father custody of his 7 week old baby boy because he never married the mother. The judge is requiring a paternity test before granting even temporary custody to the father. The mother VOLUNTARILY gave up the child for adoption when he was 7 weeks old. When the father found out, he asked for custody. At the emergency custody hearing yesterday, the judge said no. He wants to wait until the DNA tests are back, which will take 3 months... and then he issued a court order requiring the mother to take the child back.

So help me... if anything happens to this baby over the next three months....
I am just sick. SICK.


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