Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This is all John and Sanger's fault....

You two got me thinking about pet peeves, following your rants about things that piss you off. Things like people, who have obviously been to McDonalds at *least* once or twice a month SINCE BIRTH, who, when asked for their order, say "hmm....let me see here. What's on the menu?" I'll tell you what's on the frikkin' menu! Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, McChicken, McNuggets, and the seasonal McRib is even available now. *moron*

I *hate* it when I order food without cheese, and it comes with cheese anyway! I happen to be EXTREMELY allergic to dairy products. I am not just lactose intolerant. I am actually allergic. In the same way people have severe reactions to peanuts and shellfish, cheese can kill me. KILL ME.

PEOPLE. PLEASE. Is it *that* hard to do? Instead of putting the cheese *on* the sandwich... you leave it *off* of the sandwich. Even a 3 year old could follow those directions. Or how about charging me extra at McDonalds for bagel sauce on my Egg McMuffin? I order them without cheese, with bagel sauce. Do I get a credit for the "no cheese" request? NO. Instead, I get charged the full amount for the sandwich AND and extra .20 for the bagel sauce!

Another example: We order lunch from the local pizza place about two or three times a month...and two or three times a month, I have to call them back to have my sandwich remade because they put cheese on it. AGAIN. They've even banned us from ordering online because THEY have made so many mistakes. Now we have to call a supervisor, who then takes the order and calls it in to the store manager. The store manager is supposed to make our orders. THE MANAGER CAN'T EVEN GET IT RIGHT MOST OF THE TIME!


OK. That's my big pet peeve of the day. Would somebody *please* pass me some crackers..WITHOUT CHEESE... to go with my whine?


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