Friday, May 19, 2006

I know where milk comes from!

heard in the car last night:

"Mommy- I know how you get milk from a cow!", Kevin announces.

"You do? How, Kevin?", I said.

"By squeezing their teeth!", he says proudly, while pulling on his front teeth.

I, knowing that he most likely heard that you milk the cow's TEATS, could NOT control the laughter. OMG.... It was SO funny. I did correct the little guy, telling him that milk comes from the cow's teats, not their teeth. Unfortunately for Kevin, this little conversation took place in the car- with his brother sitting next to him.

Thomas took off on it, and kept laughing. I was trying to stop- I really was. Poor Kevin was getting SO upset. He kept telling Thomas to stop laughing at him, and then said "If you don't stop, I'm gonna punch you in the teeth!"
Now Thomas is a very literal kid. He doesn't have the quick wit that Kevin has, but last night... he was on a roll.
He very quickly replied, "Whatcha gonna do Kevin- try to get MILK out of them?"

OMG.... I busted out laughing. I could NOT help it! TEARS... streaming down my face laughing. That kid just KILLS me!


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