Friday, June 16, 2006

Never Underestimate Us!

Us, being the blogworld.. especially when PISSED OFF.
Matt provided an update on Michael Yon's fight against HFM and their unauthorized use of his "Farah" picture on the cover of their premiere issue. Tower Records pulled the issue, as have Eckerd's and Rite Aid Drug Stores. The two drug stores have announced that they will no longer carry "Shock", but Tower said that they probably would. Advertising World writes that "Through a website at, he urged "ordinary people" to call distributors asking them to remove the magazine from their stores. Rite Aid and Brooks Eckerd are listed under the "Good Guys" for having removed the issue; a "Bad Guys" list is planned for those that refuse."

Point being.... KEEP IT UP! HFM has been affected by our efforts, and if we continue to boycott HFM publications, they will be forced to deal honorably and equitably with Michael.


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