Monday, July 17, 2006

Tired of being broke(n)!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK... You know, they say that "bad things happen in three's".... but SIXES?

It all started Friday: The washing machine broke.
Then came Saturday: My parent's oven broke.
Next up, Sunday: Both the toilet AND the water softener broke.
And if that wasn't enough.... there was today.

It seemed like a normal Monday. I was running a little late, got to work, read my email and checked my blogsite. Around 9, my Mom called with those little words you hate to hear, "Well... there's been an accident."


"Thomas fell out of the tree. He busted his lip, and his wrist hurts."


"OK, Mom... I'll be right there"

I got there about 40 minutes later, splinted his arm, put it in a sling, and left for the doctor's office. A while later, we got the news: His left arm was broken, just above his wrist. Mom still had Kevin with her, so after I called the Hub, and work, and got Thomas settled at home, I called Mom. She and her friend Lynne had taken Kevin to the park. While talking to her, she said.... "Check guages? Why is THAT light on? And why is smoke coming out of the hood?!?!"


"Mom. Pull over. Get out of the car. Do NOT open the hood- you probably broke a hose or the radiator. I'll come get you, and I'll call Dad."



1. Broken washing machine
2. Broken oven
3. Broken water softener
4. Broken toilet
5. Broken car
6. Broken arm

I'M TIRED OF BEING BROKE(N)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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