Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Eat THIS, Cindy!

My Rolling Victory Fast day is finally here!

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Some have chosen to fast in honor of a specific fallen soldier. Some have chosen to fast in support of all soldiers, past and present. Some have chosen to fast simply as a protest against Cindy Sheehan's fast (which I refuse to link to). We all have our reasons, but we all believe in a few basic principles:

2. We also want them home safe... but not until the time is right. That time will be defined by history as the day Iraq and Afghanistan stood on their own two feet again against tyranny and were able to defend their country against insurgent asshats determined to bring them down.
3. We will *always* look for the truth behind the crap the media reports as "news". And if that "crap" somewhat resembles the truth, it will be dealt with appropriately. (ie Haditha, the Pendleton 8, Abu Graib, Gitmo)
4. Our military deserves the best equipment, the best medical care, the best training, and the best vehicles available. It is up to our government to make sure this happens- which means it's up to US to put pressure on our local representatives to make sure this happens!
5. Any and all attempts to discredit our military will be met with swift action in retaliation- just like this fast, counter-protests at funerals Phred Phelps decides to show up at, and the weekly Code Pink counter-protests at Walter Reed.

So, hunger pains... BRING IT. I'm ready for ya!


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