Monday, September 18, 2006

Games Bloggers Play

Trek tagged me with a new meme... so I'm being a good sport and playing along.

Were you born before the end of the first Gulf war? Yep! Hell, I was born before the end of the Vietnam War.

Childhood nickname? Pukey Anna (I got carsick... A LOT)

Historical person you have the biggest crush on? Does Vin count as a 'historical person'??

Favorite type of candybar? Bullseyes... OMG... I love caramel.

Favorite foreign country? Does Puerto Rico count? I mean... it's a province, but not a state, and it's GORGEOUS. Just ask Boq- he'll tell you. Get out of San Juan and enjoy this island!

Fish or chicken? Fish? Me? NEVER. PUKE.GAG.COUGH. Chicken (or beef, please), but NEVER, EVER try to get me to eat fish. blech.

Do you have your own perfume line? BUWAHAHAHAHAHA...If I did though, it would be spicy white flowers, like Burberry Brit.

Have you ever written a children's book? I've thought about it, but no, I've never done it.

Have you been in a movie based on a book? Again, no... but I have gone to open casting calls for "Rainman" and "Seabiscuit". I love the theater- both watching and performing. Being in a movie would be such a trip!

Ever posed nude for a photo? Trek said "Um...." hehe! As for me? I'm pleading the 5th also.

Guiltiest pleasure? Aren't all pleasures "guilty" in some way? I love whirlpool baths accompanied by a glass of wine, deep tissue and hot stone massages, and whirlpool pedicures. I guess you could say I'm guilty of spa time, which I don't get very often.

What are you allergic to? DAIRY PRODUCTS... They can seriously kill me. I swell up and die. It's not pretty, and not very fun either. No, I am not lactose intolerant- I'm very allergic to milk products and have had numerous anaphalactic allergic reactions to them.

Worst pickup line you've heard? Are you tired? Cuz you've been running through my mind ALL DAY, Baby.

Were you bas mitzvahed? That would be a NO. But I was confirmed and baptised in the Lutheran church.

Have you ever cried during a TV interview? While watching, or giving? I've cried during interviews I've watched, but I've never cried during any I've given.

If they made a movie of your life, who would play you? With my luck, the only person available would be Ru Paul.

Pet peeve? Rude eating habits- chewing with your mouth open, talking with your mouth full, making loud eating noises, smacking gum- that sort of thing.

If you weren't doing what you do, what job would you like to have? If I could have, I would have gone to school to be a physical or occupational therapist.

Place you will never be found? Haunted houses or scary movies. OMG... I do NOT like to be scared that way.

Within an hour or so of this posting, FbL saddled me with ANOTHER meme! I *really* need to have that target removed from my blogger-ass. LOL.

What 7 songs are your current favs?
First of all, let me say that I am not much of a "toonie". I like music, but I really don't have many recurring favorites. I also have a terrible time matching up the artist to the song. I may know the name of the artist, and I may know the name of a song, but chances are, I can't put them together to save my life.

That being said.... my #1 favorite song of all time is "Lean on me" (and no, I do NOT know who sings it). I love the give/take friendship theme. Lean on me when you're not strong, I'll be your strength- I'll help you carry on.... We all need somebody to lean on. Damn straight!

2. I'm getting tired of hearing it on the radio, but I LOVE the lyrics to "I don't want to miss a thing", by Aerosmith. (Yay me! I knew that one!) How could you not love this sentiment?
I don't want to miss one smile,
I don't want to miss one kiss,
I just want to be with you right here with you,
Just like this, I just want to hold you close,
I feel your heart so close to mine
And just stay here in this moment,
For all of the rest of time

3. I'm a sucker for many love songs, this one included. I'm not even going to post the title, because I'm pretty sure you will all recognize the lyrics:
We go to a party
and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady
that's walking around with me.
And then she asks me,
"Do you feel all right?"
And I say, "Yes,
I feel wonderful tonight."
I feel wonderful because I see
The love light in your eyes.
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize
how much I love you.

4. This song tears me up, because I remember hearing it again and again after 9/11/01. I cannot get through it without remembering, without crying, and without an intense feeling of American pride. I am, "Proud to be an American."
And I’m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I’m free.
And I wont forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA.

5. Jeez... this is getting hard! The next song is one you've probably never heard. Our church sings it during baptisms, as the pastor and parents walk the baby around the church, so we can all see the new little member of God's family. There's just something about this song that makes me cry every time I try to sing it.
I was there to hear your newborn cry,
I'll be there as you grow old.
I rejoiced the day you were baptised,
To see your life unfold.

6. Two more... two more... come on, you can do this! Let's see. How about "Piano Man", by Billy Joel?
Its a pretty good crowd for a saturday
And the manager gives me a smile
cause he knows that its me theyve been comin to see
To forget about life for a while
And the piano, it sounds like a carnival
And the microphone smells like a beer
And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar
And say, man, what are you doin here?

7. OK. Last song. One that I used to LOVE to dance to, and still do actually. "Gonna make you sweat" BUT... no one does it quite like the Dancing AF Cadet:

buwahahahahahahah!!!! I love that vid.


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