Saturday, December 30, 2006

Karen of ALa's... you IGNORANT BITCH

I hate haloscam.... almost as much as I despise idiot Americans like you, Karen. Haloscan totally ate my comment.. DAMMIT. I still can't get my comment to post on Haloscan, so I'm posting it here, on my blog.

ALa has few Liberal Left-Wing NUTJOBS who visit. Drive me up a fucking wall, they do. Especially Karen and CJ. Today, Karen made this comment on ALa's post about Saddam's death:
"You had all better be reallllly happy today.

Like 3,000 dead Americans and a trillion dollars happy."

Here's my reply... best as I can reconstruct it from memory.

I'm not *happy* about Saddam's death. I don't get excited about ANYONE dying, even those who truly deserve it, like Saddam. I am HIGHLY satisfied by the knowledge that he's gone and can't hurt any more people. I'm proud as SHIT about the fact that American soldiers had a LOT to do with taking him down, and offering him up to the Iraqi court system.

What you need to remember, or at least think about for a second, is that American's may have found his ass in that hole, but it was an IRAQI court who convicted him, sentenced him, and executed him. An IRAQI court, Karen. What's shameful to me is that American lawyers defended His Evilness, but fortunately, the Iraqi's saw through it. They even made sure he got a red card hand delivered, just before 10pm last night.

You're worried about the 3,000 dead American soldiers, and the monetary cost of this war, yet you don't seem to give a damn about the tens of thousands who have been killed by Saddam, bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and terrorists world-wide. You've forgotten about the Al Qaeda attributed attacks on the USS Cole, US embassy bombings in Saudi Arabia and Africa, and BOTH WTC bombings. You're ignoring the links between bin Laden and Saddam. You've forgotten, or perhaps forgiven, Saddam for the torture and genocide he authorized in Iraq which resulted in the injury and deaths of unknown thousands of Iraqi citizens.

You're blind, Karen. You can't see past the nose on your face, when it comes to world safety.

If you're so embarrassed by our government, and our military (who, in your words, are killing in your name, you self-centered bitch)... then GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY.

Yeah. MY country... because it sure as hell isn't YOUR country anymore.


  • There are no meaningful connections between Sadam and Bin Laden. All of the reviews of the intelligence that came out post the war argued this link was fatuous and created for political reasons. Saddam deserved it though.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:30 AM  

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