Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sitemeter Fun

I was checking my Sitemeter tonight, and was SHOCKED to find out that I am currently #1 AND #2 on Google for "I hear bagpipes cryin' amazing grace".... and the artist who performs the song is #3.
I get more hits for Rushlow Harris's song, "I hear bagpipes cryin'" than Rushlow Harris does. whoa.

Of course, I also got hits for things like "monkey penis", "internal organ shaped lapel pins", "mommy's boobies", "dickweed", about a dozen versions of "heywood bank's yeah toast", "wart removal bacon moon", "coast guard porn", and "boys have weiners", so I suppose I shouldn't get all high and mighty yet, eh?

Oh, and to the person who got to my site by asking "which side of the bed does the president sleep on?"... The answer is, of course... the far right.



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