Friday, February 09, 2007


Am I the *ONLY* person in the United States that doesn't give a flyin' flip that *GASP*
ANNA NICOLE SMITH DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good LORD, people. She's just a big-tittied blonde who slept her way into millions, ate her way out of millions, made more millions by pushing TrimSpa... BABY!, *had* a baby (identity of her Baby Daddy is still up for grabs, I might add), supplied her son with drugs that he OD'd on in her hospital room after giving birth to the new baby.

I swear.
This is really *NOT* news.

THIS is news. (he needs to be castrated, without anesthesia, and made into a prison bitch for life)
THIS is news. (he needs a reverse castration, considering he's obviously lacking balls)
THIS is news. ( "David Duke with a blow-dried haircut"... oh, that is GOOD)
THIS is news. (say it with me now.... "glass parking lot")
and THIS is news. (Soviet war casualty given new hope by US doctors)

THIS is *NOT* news. ("She was too drugged up"... GEE. YA THINK!?!?)

At least now her new baby will get a chance to find out who her real father is, and maybe, just maybe... he'll give her a better life than Anna ever could. Drug-using hobag.


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