Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Leta, Joan, Gunn, MP, Mary and John all got to experience the "peace" march in DC this weekend. They came armed with coffee and the much-sought-after "spit guards", and for good reason. Peaceniks are anything but peaceful, in case you haven't noticed.

US Rep. Mike Rogers found out the hard way that "anti-war" doesn't mean "peace" today when his Lansing, Michigan office was vandalized. Red paint was sprayed over the windows and walls, "no more deaths" was written in red paint on the sidewalk, the front doors of the building were glued shut, and security cameras were destroyed. A sign saying "Rogers: There is blood on your hands" was taped on a window.

Anyone who has shown up at Walter Reed on Friday nights has experienced Code Pink(o) and their "peaceful" protest of the war.

Anyone who has seen Phred Phelps at a military funeral has more than experienced their "peaceful" protests.

I'm thinking that "peaceniks" need to be renamed something like "shitbags". Yeah. That'll do.


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